Evolution in Consciousness – what is that?

Experience an Insight.  The word ”Satsang” is a Sanskrit word that means to Share ones Truth. Anette will Share from her own Experience on different Topics that could help you Receive your own Experience and Insights.

Find the Synchronicity of the Heart and Brain and see how Intimately we are Linked to Each Other and our Planet. Move into an Easy Flow with the big Shifts of our Time.

Learn How Ancient Civilisations paved the way with Wisdom in Technology of Consciousness giving us Access to Move through the Currents of our Unconscious and into the Power of Liberation. Discover your Sacred Presence inside and Learn the art of Alchemy of Consciousness; how negative Energies can Transform into positive. See your own role in the Shift of the Planetery Evolution and Move into your Highest Potential as a Human Being.

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